I'm a 4th-year DPhil (PhD) student from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, supervised by Edith Elkind and Michael Wooldridge.

My interests lie in the areas of compuatational game theory, multi-agent systems, and artificial intelligence. The main task of my research is to find optimal strategies — through algorithm design — to play with intelligent agents in real-world scenarios with all sorts of complexities. My work is mostly concerned with resource allocation problems in security domains (security games) while I'm also broadly interested in algorithmic problems that arise from strategic interactions.

Prior to coming to Oxford to pursue a DPhil, I worked as a research associate in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. I obtained my master's degree from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences & the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, in 2015, where I was supervised by Bo An.

  • J. Gan, E. Elkind, S. Kraus, M. Wooldridge
    Mechanism design for defense coordination in security games. AAMAS '20, accepted. [pdf]
  • J. Gan, Q. Guo, L. Tran-Thanh, B. An, M. Wooldridge.
    Manipulating a learning defender and ways to counteract. NeurIPS '19. [pdf | arXiv | poster]
  • J. Gan, W. Suksompong, A. Voudouris.
    Envy-freeness in house allocation problems. Mathematical Social Sciences. [pdf | arXiv]
  • J. Gan, H. Xu, Q. Guo, L. Tran-Thanh, Z. Rabinovich, M. Wooldridge.
    Imitative follower deception in Stackelberg games. EC '19. [pdf | arXiv | poster]
  • E. Elkind, J. Gan, A. Igarashi, W. Suksompong, A. Voudouris.
    Schelling games on graphs. IJCAI '19. [arXiv]
  • E. Elkind, J. Gan, S. Obraztsova, Z. Rabinovich, A. Voudouris.
    Protecting elections by recounting ballots. IJCAI '19. [pdf | arXiv | poster]
  • J. Gan, E. Elkind, M. Wooldridge.
    Stackelberg security games with multiple uncoordinated defenders. AAMAS '18. [pdf]
  • J. Gan, B. An, Y. Vorobeychik, B. Gauch, C. Miao.
    Security games on a plane. AAAI '17. [pdf]

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